YouTube Star Nicole Arbour Apologizes for Appropriating ‘This Is America’

YouTube Star Nicole Arbour

I’m Sorry, Childish Gambino

For Appropriating ‘This is America’

5/18/2018 6:59 AM PDT


YouTube star Nicole Arbour finally realizes her timing was total crap when she released her version of “This Is America” … and she’s apologizing to Donald Glover — aka Childish Gambino.

We got Nicole at The Laugh Factory on Thursday in WeHo where our guy straight-up asked her how she’s dealing with the allegation she whitewashed Gambino’s music video with her “This Is America: Women’s Edit” version.

ICYMI … Nicole posted this video last week, equating the women’s struggle with racism and gun violence black America faces. The backlash was swift … with one person tweeting her, “Yep. This is America alright. Black person creates then it’s appropriated.”

Another person tweeted, “Nicole Arbour’s ‘This Is America’ parody is proof white people think black pain & oppression is funny. They’re constantly joking about things they dont experience because they lack empathy. They laugh at our pain & deny our oppression, while stealin our culture for money. #Evil.”

Making matters worse … Nicole released a statement earlier this week and said it’s “not an apology” but rather a clarification. She now apologizes … straight to Childish Gambino.

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