University of Kentucky Athlete Ben Jordan Dead at 22

The athlete is survived by his parents Kevin and Stephanie Jordan, as well as his three younger sisters Abby, Kara and Jenna. Jordan also had a German Shepherd named Brutus.

On Tuesday, his sister Jenna shared on Instagram he was “the best big brother” and “the kindest soul.”

She wrote, “In one of Ben’s favorite songs, Kacey Musgraves says ‘oh what a world, and then there is you’ and that’s really a perfect summary of how I viewed my brother. There was really nobody out there like him. I’ll forever remember your big bright smile and contagious belly laugh… My love for you is everlasting. I’ll take the best care of Brutus Almighty for you.”

Abby honored him on Instagram as well, writing, “Instead of being beside me you’re going to live inside of me. In some life we are standing side by side laughing that in some other life we are apart. You’re my number one, number three.”

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