This Amazon Light Has 1,877 5-Star Reviews!

Here’s what reviewers are saying:

“I have had more than 500 video conference meetings from home since the COVID pandemic began in mid-March, 2020. I have jury-rigged desk lamps to provide illumination with mixed and spotty results. Based on the advertising that I saw, I purchased a Lume Cube Video Lighting Kit for Remote Working. It arrived and I put it to work today. I had 9-hours of Zoom meetings today. I am delighted with how it performed. It is well-made, provided excellent illumination, and has easy-to-use, intuitively simple controls. I ordered a second for my desktop today. This item is a game-changer! Thanks!”

“This thing just works. It’s so easy to setup and provides great illumination. The buttons that control brightness and color temperature are simple and effective. Overall, this is exactly what I needed for videoconferencing. Big shout out to Lume Cube for making a great product and for making me look good on camera!”

“During the pandemic I have purchased sooo many webcam lights. So many. This little cutie takes the cake and is absolutely perfect. Great range of light availability and I love that you can place the camera anywhere!!!! WELL DONE – A++. I now have one larger light, two smaller ones and am waiting for Amazon to restock so I can purchase a fourth. No problems with affixing the suction cup to my laptop (Mac).”

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