See the Moment Nikki Bella Learned Her Mom Needed Brain Surgery

As fans may recall, Brie and Nikki previously revealed that Kathy had been diagnosed with Belly’s palsy after she woke up and her face was paralyzed. 

Now, Brie is feeling the guilt. “I think of all the times I was like, ‘Mom, stop stressing out with the Bell’s palsy. Just do more acupuncture, do this, do that…'” she explains. “Now we come to find out that it’s not stress or Bell’s palsy, it’s these lesions on her brain.”

“So it makes me feel bad,” the reality TV personality adds. “I’m scared for her. And I just don’t want to lose my mom.”

But now’s not the time to dwell on the past. Brie tells Nikki that Kathy’s doctors “want to do the surgery as soon as possible because they feel if they don’t, there’ll be more permanent damage done.” 

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