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Pollsters were mainly categorised into two major groups – Millennials aged between 24 and 40, and Baby Boomers aged between 57 and 75.

According to the results of the poll, 23 percent of millennials chose Prince Harry to be the next monarch over William and Charles.

Only 5 percent of boomers wanted the same result meaning over a quarter (28 percent) of all pollsters were in favour of Harry on the throne.

Harry beat out his brother William 23 percent to 22 percent among the 18 to 24 year olds who participated in the poll.

The poll also showed that over half (51 percent) of pollsters believe Harry damaged the reputation of the Royal Family.

A further 31 percent said they thought Harry’s stunt on Oprah made no difference to the reputation of the Royal Family, while only 9 percent thought it improved their reputation.

Graham Smith, CEO of anti-monarchy group Republic, said: “No matter what the polls say Charles will be king.

“Yet this poll tells us people no longer care about the hereditary system, they want a choice.

“The huge gulf between generations underscores how disconnected the royals are from modern attitudes.”

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“As we approach the end of the Queen’s reign this medieval system is going to collide with modern British values.

“And the only credible solution is for the people to choose our head of state.

“It’s time Britain had a serious grown-up debate about who replaces the Queen. If voters want a choice that can only happen in a republic.”

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