Roger Daltrey of The Who Won’t Celebrate Woodstock 50th Anniversary Due to These Reasons

Roger Daltrey of The Who Won't Celebrate Woodstock 50th Anniversary Due to These Reasons
WENN/Dennis Van Tine

Making it clear that he has no intention in taking part in the milestone celebration, the ‘Happy Jack’ rocker claims the 1969 festival was the worst gig his rock band has ever played.

The Who star Roger Daltrey won’t be toasting the 50th anniversary of the Woodstock festival this weekend (August 16-17), because it was the worst gig he has ever played.

The rocker reveals his time at the event was marred by muddy fields, bad equipment and hours of waiting around backstage.

“By the time we went onstage, we’d been standing in the mud for hours – or laying in it, or doing whatever in it,” he tells the New York Times. “It wasn’t actually that muddy backstage, but it wasn’t comfort, let’s put it that way…”

“We were young, and life is a lot easier when you’re young. I wouldn’t do that show now. Sod that. I’d walk away from it…”

“It was a particularly hard one for me, because of the state of the equipment. It was all breaking down. I’m standing in the middle of the stage with enormous Marshall 100-watt amps blasting my ears behind me… I could barely hear what I was singing.”

Daltrey admits he enjoyed watching Creedence Clearwater Revival‘s set at Woodstock and he does have fond memories of the crowds, adding, “They were the stars. That half a million people put up with that c**p for three days.”

And the Brit believes the 1969 festival was “the key to getting America out of Vietnam”, adding, “That’s when politicians actually started to take notice (of the peace movement).”