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Is Caye on your radar? — He should be! The 20-year-old California rapper and singer/songwriter dropped his debut album on June 1 and you’re about to be swooned! Brb, we have it on repeat… Listen here!

Caye, 20, is officially our new obsession! The California rapper, singer/songwriter showcases his versatile style and sexy raspy vocals on his debut album, “Pink Tree Paradise“. The 11-song record features his hit single, “Easy” featuring Wiz Khalifa, 30, which followed the release of his most recent singles, “With U” and “Top Shelf,” (also on the record). The album features collaborations with Rosy, Matt Zurik, and Danny Diamonds.

“Pink Tree Paradise” is exactly what it sounds like. — It’s a sexy, cool, catchy album. Between the album’s laid back beats and Caye’s deep, soothing voice, this is the perfect record to kick off your summer. And, what sets Caye apart from the rest is his versatility. — Not only can he rap, sing, and write his own songs, but he also plays the steel drums, as well as the majority of other instruments on his album.

As for the inspiration behind Pink Tree Paradise? — “It’s really my life experience up until this point,” Caye told Billboard. He explained: “The ‘paradise’ part is that I’m finally not doing anything school-related. I pushed everything aside to focus on my paradise, which is music. It’s what I wanted to do my whole life. As for ‘pink,’ in high school I used to call shit that I thought was dope ‘pink,’ and the ‘trees’ aspect is like, life, you know — weed and everything.”

While the musician may seem like a rookie to the music game, he’s actually got a stacked resume. He studied at USC Thornton School of Music’s Pop Music Program, where he quickly gained popularity through his unique voice and musical talents. — His time there helped his 2016 self-produced single “Coma” earn over 5 million Spotify streams. Caye also just wrapped up “The Reservations Tour”, where he hit 31 cities across the U.S. as the opener for singer-songwriter Somo. Now, he’s more than prepared for bigger feats. Caye’s success only keeps growing, as his single “Easy” just entered the Top 50 on the charts.

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