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Zoe Burrell and Angela Mollard were discussing the future of Queen Elizabeth II on the ROYALS podcast. Ms Mollard outlined that the Queen would never step down and hand the crown over to Prince Charles because “legally and practically there is no need” for her to do so. The Royal expert stated that instead, it is more effective for the Queen to remain the “figurehead” of the Royal Family.  

Ms Burrell asked: “Do you think there is any chance the Queen will retire?”

Ms Mollard replied: “No I think she will pass work onto other members of the royal family but I don’t think she would ever step down.

“There is actually legally and practically no need to.

“The work can be done by others and she can just be more of a figurehead.

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“Why would she if she’s made it this far?”

Earlier on the podcast, Angela Mollard discussed the fact the Queen is just five years away from becoming the longest-reigning monarch of all time.

Born to King George VI in 1926, Queen Elizabeth II became a monarch at an unexpected time.

After the sudden death of her father in 1952, Queen Elizabeth ascended the throne at the young age of 25.

Now 93, the Queen has recently celebrated her Sapphire Jubilee in 2017, marking 65 years on the throne.

She continued: “So she has got a while to go, she has done 67 years and she has got to get 72 years and 110 days to eclipse Louis XIV of France who reigned from 1643- 1715.

“Which is a jolly long innings, anything could have killed you back then.

“So anyway she has got to do another five years.

“She is 94 this year, wouldn’t you just love her to get to be 100 and to be the longest-reigning monarch of all time.”

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