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A caller to the Jeremy Vine show this morning said Prince Charles is not fit to be King “at all”. In a surprising dismantling of the Prince of Wales who is next in line to the throne, caller Wendy branded Charles “overindulged” like his brother Prince Andrew and suggested the future King has “no real bonding with people”. She instead said Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, should replace the Queen as the next monarch as he is “more down to earth” despite the royal being behind his father in the line of succession to the throne.

In the phone call, Wendy from Kent claimed: “I don’t think Charles should be King at all!

“William is far more down to earth, he is a people person, I don’t think he would relinquish his responsibilities as a father.”

She added: “I think he could do both very, very well.”

But Jeremy Vine questioned how much the public actually knows about William and whether it was such a good idea that he should be King instead of the Prince of Wales.

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But the caller disagreed: “No, we’ve watched him grow up, we’ve seen the way he is with people.”

And she even went on to brand Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, as “completely out of touch”.

She added the Prince of Wales is “much like his brother (Prince Andrew) overindulged, no real bonding with people.”

Wendy concluded by saying “whereas William has shown all the way throughout” that he is the right candidate for the throne adding “then again he’s got his mother’s influence.”

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He added: “This damage will not be felt equally by everyone.

“It is the most vulnerable, those with the fewest resources and those who have done the least to cause climate change who will continue to be impacted the most.

“But rather than being despondent about these challenges, let us instead take our lead from the many millions of young people around the world who have made this calls their own, and said that enough is enough.”

The passionate speech led him to discuss the Earthshot Prize, the ambitious initiative the Duke launched in autumn 2020 which will award five £1million prizes every year for the next decade to individuals, organisations, businesses and governments able to come up with workable solutions on five set issues.

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