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The two princes were participating in an event for WaterAid in London on March 10, when they were supposed to pose together for a quick photo opportunity. Britain’s future king clearly had other things on his mind, as he absent-mindedly walked past Prince Albert, who was waiting for him. Monaco’s head of state could only shrug his shoulders and mutter “Oh well” as the UK’s heir to the throne blithely sailed on by.

The comic moment was relayed by Daily Express Royal Reporter Richard Palmer.

Mr Palmer described the hilarious moment in a tweet, in which he wrote: “Prince Albert confirms he and Prince Charles never shook hands.

“In fact they were supposed to meet outside the room for a quick photo opportunity but in a comic moment, Charles by mistake walked straight past the waiting Albert, who shrugged his shoulders and said: “Oh well.”

There has been much speculation that Prince Albert was the source of Charles’ coronavirus infection.

Albert became the first European royal to declare that he had been infected with COVID-19 on March 19.

However, he denied that he had any physical contact with the Prince of Wales, or that he had been anywhere near him.

Speaking on RTL radio, Monaco’s prince said: “I was at a roundtable for his foundation, but we never shook hands.

“I was at the other end of the table, way far away.

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Clarence House posted a video on their Instagram Stories showing Britain’s future king taking part in the nationwide acclaim of its NHS heroes.

Charles’ appearance in the video clip is the first sighting of the Prince since it was announced on Wednesday that he was infected with the deadly virus.

The Duke of Cornwall looked dapper in an open necked shirt and jacket with a handkerchief in his pocket.

Camilla was also filmed clapping separately as she looked out of an open window.

The couple are self-isolating at their 53,000 acre Birkhall estate in Scotland, although they are living apart.

The Duchess of Cornwall has so far tested negative for the virus, which on Thursday claimed another 113 lives, the highest single day increase in the UK since the outbreak began.

The Prince of Wales, 71, developed symptoms over the weekend after travelling to Balmoral but “otherwise remains in good health.”

He is the first British royal to contract the disease and falls into one of the highest risk categories.

Despite this, he is said to be in “good spirits” and bearing his illness well as he occupies himself with his work.

The Prince of Wales is expected to remain for at least two weeks in Scotland while he recuperates.

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