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Prince Charles, the Prince of Wales, has lead an extraordinary life as a royal. We’ve watched the heir to the throne’s journey from his childhood years to career milestones, marriages, and many travels around the world. Charles has served in the Royal Air Force and Royal Navy, holds great interest in architecture, and carries out hundreds of engagements each year. In “Charles, Prince of Wales”, by Anthony Holden, the author describes how the Prince has a taste for adventure and thrills.

The book, published in 1979 reveals during Prince Charles early twenties, the heir to the throne’s military service career took him back many times to the Bahamas and Papua New Guinea.

Apart from a trip via India to nepal in 1975, for King Birendra’s coronation, he made no new landfalls until March 1977.

It was that year Charles had his first extended taste of Africa.

Mr Holden describes how an incident during his Kenyan safari with Princess Anne in 1971 where “Charles was menaced by a rhinoceros as he lay helpless in his sleeping bag.”

The author claims, “This experience had left the Prince of Wales for another taste for an African safari.”

This is not the first time Prince Charles has had a close encounter with death, Charles was involved in an avalanche which swept down a mountain in the Swiss resort of Klosters where the royal party was skiing.

Prince Charles, who was not hurt in the incident, joined other members of the party in a frantic bid to dig out Major Hugh Lindsay, who was caught in the cascade of tons of freshly fallen snow which shot down Gotschnagrat Mountain in the fashionable ski resort.

Eye-witnesses said that Prince Charles, who was lifted off the slope by a second helicopter, was visibly distressed. The second helicopter pilot was quoted by locally based reporters as saying the Prince was weeping.

Another incident describes how the Prince of Wales broke his shoulder bone when he fell off his horse during a fox hunt in 2001.

Charles was thrown to the ground when his horse took an ‘unexpected jump’ during a ride with the Mey Nell Hunt in Derbyshire.

Author, Anthony Holden claims the Queen Mother famously once said, “If there was anything left to discover in the world, Charles would have been an explorer.”

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