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Meghan is returning to the UK this week for her first public appearance since the ‘Megxit’ announcement back in January. She and Prince Harry will be attending the Endeavour Awards tomorrow and there will be a highly anticipated royal reunion next week for Commonwealth Day. Royal fans will be watching to see how the Royal Family acts together after months of reported tensions between the Duke and Duchess of Sussex and their relatives.

Yet this may not be the only concern for the couple as they return to Britain – the outbreak of coronavirus could have added another source of tension for the Sussexes, especially because both of them travel a great deal.

Still, Meghan has some tricks up her sleeve to avoid infection which she recorded in an unearthed post on The Tig from March 2016.

She wrote: “If you’ve been tracking my social media of late, you’ll notice that not a week goes by without me finding my derrière on a plane.

“Yes, it’s fun, and yes it’s purpose-driven and yes it can sometimes feel quite glamorous; but jet-setting (for work or pleasure) comes with its own set of complications.

“The foremost issue is self-care.”

She continued: “A dear friend of mine once told me that Leonardo DiCaprio gave her an excellent travel tip.

“I know – I could have written an entire post on this conversation alone.

“What is it, you ask? Evidently, he said that to avoid getting sick on planes, he puts a little Neosporin on a cotton swab and coats the inside of his nostrils.”

Neosporin is an antibiotic ointment which aims to decrease the risk of infection.

The future Duchess of Sussex explained: “Not only does it create a barrier for germs, it also lubricates the skin in the nose.

“That’s important because when the skin cracks, germs can come a-running in, so the coating of the Neosporin doubly protects you.”

She included her travel essentials in the post too.

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The actor said: “I’m no germaphobe, but when I get on a plane I always use some quick hand wipes or a travel sanitiser spray to wipe it all down.”

She said from the little TV, to the service tray and all the buttons around the plane seat, she makes sure her area is clean before a long flight.

She added that as a result “you’ll be one whistling dixie with nary a sniffle” when you leave the flight.

In the wake of the coronavirus outbreak, the Government has advised that everyone washes their hands regularly with warm water and soap for at least 20 seconds.

The Queen was even seen wearing gloves past her wrists yesterday at an investiture ceremony, which is believed to be a “precautionary measure” although Buckingham Palace has denied that this is to do with the virus outbreak.

Prince William and Kate Middleton on the other hand are still shaking hands without wearing gloves as they continue on their three-day tour of Ireland.

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