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The radio caller was adamant that was not receiving different treatment to other members of the Royal Family, before claiming Princess Diana faced more scrutiny. Speaking on LBC, the caller insisted “Diana must have been crucified more than any other person in history.” The remark sparked a huge backlash from radio host Ayesha Hazarika who pointed out has even commented on the treatment Meghan has received.

The radio caller, known as Robert, said: “I don’t think she’s being treated in a different way.

“Do you remember must have been crucified more than any other person in history.”

The LBC host referenced a royal historian who had been on the show minutes before who claimed “nobody” had suffered the level of abuse currently facing Meghan.

The caller replied: “I don’t believe it to be honest with you.

“I think they have got a very privileged lifestyle, all of them, they are all wealthy.

“I am a working class normal guy and from where I am sitting I am not shedding any tears for how anyone is feeling in the Royal Family.

“When you go into that place, it is a business, and it is, do it there way, or there are going to be problems. She must have been well aware of that.”

The caller added he did not think Meghan has done “anything wrong”.

The host snapped back, saying: “This is a woman who is pregnant and hasn’t done anything wrong and she’s having her entire character besmirched in the press on pretty much a daily basis.

“It is amazing Robert that you seem to be one of the few people that has a different view when pretty much all other experts are saying the way she is being treated is absolutely terrible.

“Her own husband in the run-up to their marriage had to issue a letter or a notice to the press saying please stop with the tone of the coverage which is both racist and sexist.

“But if you are saying Prince Harry doesn’t know what he is talking about, I can’t help you.”

The huge row comes following the

The note was sent just three months after Mr Markle had pulled out of his daughter’s wedding due to health concerns, which following a row over staging paparazzi photographs.

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