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Since marrying into the Royal Family, Meghan has been involved in a number of PR setbacks. Some of the issues highlighted by the media include the increased privacy Meghan and Harry have enforced since the birth of their son Archie in May, and the couple’s use of private jets. On who the Duchess should learn from with regards to receiving criticism, palace insider Patrick Jephson pointed towards Meghan’s mother in law, Princess Diana.

The former private secretary to Princess Diana said: “She was in the business of life and death, of being with people regardless of race, gender or background, who were at the bottom of the heap.

“Whose lives were miserable. People who were stigmatised, people who were outsiders, outcasts.

“So today, AIDS isn’t stigmatised, leprosy isn’t stigmatised, mental illness is transformed, all Diana’s work.”

Presenter Karl Stefanovic asked: “So what you’re saying is Meghan doesn’t need to look anywhere else but at the legacy of her mother in law?”

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Mr Jephson replied: “Meghan isn’t and never has been an ordinary British person.

“So part of her challenge is to work out what it feels like, what it is, to be an ordinary British person.

“And, not to be one, but to understand therefore how best to use her extraordinary influence and high profile.”

Mr Jephson also claimed Meghan has been closely scrutinised by the British public.

“So yes it’s exotic to have an American actress in the Royal Family but mixed-race that’s fantastic – that’s undeniably good news and a sign the Royal Family, the monarchy, have moved with the times.”

The 60 Minutes segment airs on Channel 9 tonight and faced a social media backlash after its teaser trailer was released last week.

Opening the segment of the report, Mr Stefanovic said: “The couple appear to want a little privacy. Too much to ask? You bet.

“The public feel cheated, the tabloids have turned and the blame game – much of it directed at Meghan – is fierce.”

One Twitter user wrote: “No matter what she does Markle simply can’t in. #60minutes”.

Another posted: “60 minutes Australia using Katie Hopkins to interview about a piece on Meghan Markle is enough to have that show cancelled or boycotted.”

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