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The claims were made by Nick Bullen, who has been making films on the Royal family for nearly 20 years, to Fox News. However contrary to some reports Mr Bullen claimed the Duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex have a positive relationship. He added that The Queen and Prince Charles had intervened to try and fix the alleged dispute between the two brothers.

Mr Bullen commented: “It’s actually William and Harry who have had a rift.

“Their fallout at the moment is becoming public.

“I think people don’t want to think about that with those two boys”.

It was revealed on Thursday that the joint office maintained by the four young Royals would split.

William and Kate’s operation will remain at Kensington Palace, whilst Meghan and Harry’s office will move to Buckingham Palace.

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Mr Bullen played down reports Meghan and Kate had fallen out.

He claimed: “It’s the two princes that don’t get on.

“The wives are still finding their feet or have found their feet, and they’re very happy in the situation they find themselves.”

There had been media reports of clashes between Meghan and Kate, including over Princess Charlotte’s outfit for Meghan’s wedding last year and the treatment of Royal staff.

Mr Bullen attributed the weakening relationship between William and Harry to the two men assuming different roles.

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He said: “These are two boys who lost their mother at a really early age, and the fairy tale is that they are closer than ever and need each other.

“But equally they are two men in their 30s, starting their families, they are moving to different parts of the country with different duties.”

Whilst the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will continue to be based at Kensington Palace, Harry and Meghan have opted for a cottage on The Queen’s Sandringham estate.

However Mr Bullen argued other senior Royals are working hard to repair the apparent rift.

He asserted: “I think the Prince of Wales and The Queen are working incredibly hard to try and make sure everybody reunites.”

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