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Meghan Markle and Archie Harrison‘s safety could be compromised, according to royal commentators. The Duchess of Sussex and her son were pictured in public as she dropped him off at school. This has sparked fears that the family could be “stalked” to attain more of the same photographs, as author Elizabeth Holmes explained to the Royally Obsessed podcast.

She told listeners: “The paparazzi pictures that came out have been my low this week.

“They were of Meghan taking Archie to school, which is a routine thing.

“So now I worry that there are going to be cameras staked out at that place all the time.

“I just worry for Archie and Meghan and their safety.”

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Ms Holmes continued: “I just want this to stop. Stop taking pictures of them!

“Especially anything involving Archie, I think ‘just stay away please’.”

Podcast host Rachel Bowie gave another view of the situation.

She told listeners: “There is a positive that can come out of this though.”

Meghan and Harry have previously taken legal action over similar images but royal expert Marlene Koenig warned different laws in the US may result in the couple struggling to keep paparazzi away from them in the future.

Speaking to, Ms Koenig said: “The US doesn’t have the privacy laws that they have in Europe and the UK.

“For example, if Meghan and Harry were walking down the street, I could just follow them with a camera and take pictures and there is nothing they could do about it.”

She continued: “California does have a law about taking pictures of children but there have been court cases with people on the basis of first amendment rights and everything.

“Unless it is considered stalking of a child, of course, but if I am walking by and I see Meghan, Harry and Archie walking down the street, I could just whip out my cell phone and take pictures, it is not illegal nor is it illegal to publish.

“They will not be able to try that privacy route. If they live in a planned community where the streets are private it is a totally different issue. But once they are in Los Angeles and stuff, it is fair game.”

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