Matt Goss Releases New Single to Feed NHS Workers

Matt Goss Releases New Single to Feed NHS Workers

The Bros musician has debuted his rendition of Alicia Keys’ ‘If I Ain’t Got You’ to raise money to provide free meals for the frontline workers amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Matt Goss has launched a crowdfunder in a bid to raise $60,686 to provide meals for Britain’s National Health Service (NHS) workers.

The Bros singer recently brought forward the release of his new single, a cover version of Alicia Keys‘ Grammy Award-nominated single “If I Ain’t Got You” he recorded with producer Babyface for his new album, to support fundraising efforts for NHS heroes.

Matt launched the song via a JustGiving Crowdfunding page, where fans can watch the video and donate money.

So far, alongside partners Burger Bites, he has already funded over 13,000 meals to key NHS staff, part of 36,000 meals the organisation have delivered since the outbreak began.

“Despite having lived and worked in Las Vegas for the past 11 years, I feel so connected to the UK and it’s hard to put into words how touched my heart felt seeing the images of NHS workers caring for Coronavirus sufferers,” the musician said in a statement.

“Music-making and singing is in my blood and so is the UK. I am so impressed by the amazing work the NHS is doing. I can’t go out on my front door and clap for carers, so I decided to help feed them to keep them going through this crisis. I hope my new song can do some good by getting it out early to help.”

Matt has also been conducting nightly late-night Instagram Live calls with some of the key workers to give them a boost before they head into the Covid-19 wards. And he urged his fans to show similar support to the NHS heroes.

“My concern is that while the NHS continues to go through arguably one of the most troubling times in their history, we are all thinking, as a society about getting back to normality,” he continued. “However what we must be aware of is that this is their normal, so it is our duty as British people to make sure that this support does NOT stop. There is no end in sight for the NHS because they are our protectors. Let us always remember, to never forget. Please donate anything you can.”

The track is being supported across U.K. radio, with more than 40 radio stations having added it to their playlists. To donate go to his Crowdfunding pahe