‘Luther’ Season 5: Idris Elba Gets Destroyed in First Clip — Watch

If you’ve ever wanted to see Luther get punched, electrocuted, and otherwise threatened with extreme bodily harm, today is your lucky day.

luther idris elba

Idris Elba in “Luther”

Sarah Dunn/BBC

Detective work has never been easy for DCI John Luther. Come to think of it, being a character in a Neil Cross show has never been easy either. (By his own admission, too!) In advance of the upcoming Season 5 of “Luther,” the BBC released the first official footage from the new episodes. Lest anyone think the latest installments would take it easy on the guy who gives the show its title, this new clip finds the show keeping up its traditional level of brutality.

The clip below certainly manages to squeeze plenty of pain into a two-minute punch. (Note: If you’re sensitive to gun violence or punishment by electrocution, this might be one to skip.)

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