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Lisa Vanderpump was on the same page with a fan who said that Season 9 of ‘RHOBH’ was full of ‘lies and deception.’ That’s because she watched a certain throwback clip between Kyle Richards and Teddi Mellencamp!

Lisa Vanderpump, 58, doesn’t think Kyle Richards, 50, and Teddi Mellencamp, 38, were telling the whole truth about that one scene at Vanderpump Dogs on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The accusation was first made by a fan, who tweeted a clip of Lisa’s rivals chatting about the encounter with Lucy Lucy Apple Juice from the Season 9 premiere. “#RHOBH season of lies and deception. They all need to go,” the fan tweeted over the throwback video on Aug. 13. With the shade thrown on her behalf, Lisa simply replied, “Exactly.”

In the clip under question, Teddi and Kyle took a trip to Vanderpump Dogs. John Sessa, the executive director at the rescue organization, brought out the dog that Dorit Kemsley originally adopted from Vanderpump Dogs but gave away (the pooch, named Lucy Lucy Apple Juice, accidentally ended up at a shelter before it was returned to Lisa’s organization). Teddi recognized the dog as Dorit’s former rescue, and she and Kyle discussed this the next day over breakfast. “I never said anything until we get invited by Lisa to go to Vanderpump Dogs,” Teddi said, and Kyle added, “And they’re like, do you recognize this dog? Dorit gave it to someone I guess.”

Lisa and her fan took issue with the fact that Teddi suggested it was LVP’s idea to invite Teddi and Kyle to Vanderpump Dogs. “LIES!!! Production invited them and Teddi was the first to say ‘is that the dog’ AND No mention of Blizzard text msgs#RHOBH,” the fan tweeted. The aforementioned “Blizzard texts” refer to the messages that another Vanderpump Dogs employee, John Blizzard, exchanged with Teddi about the PuppyGate drama before it became a scandal (Teddi confessed to this).

On July 23, the Vanderpump Dogs executive director also released alleged emails to prove that LVP was not conspiring to make Dorit look bad. He showed an alleged email from RHOBH production (dated July 25, 2018) that stated Kyle and Teddi were already set to visit Vanderpump Dogs before Lucy Lucy Apple Juice’s whereabouts were learned (that information came from an alleged email from Newport Beach Animal Shelter on July 29, which would be three days after production allegedly sent the location agreement).

John also claimed that the intention of Kyle and Teddi’s visit to Vanderpump Dogs was to groom their canines (not expose Dorit, since the visit was allegedly scheduled before Lucy Lucy Apple Juice was  found at a shelter). However, HollywoodLife has not confirmed that these emails are authentic or accurate, and they could very well be doctored. We have reached out to Kyle and Teddi’s reps for comment. Kyle also didn’t deny that she saw the alleged location agreement. She tweeted on July 24, “John, will [sic] all due respect, they ALWAYS have us sign location agreements before every season. At my stores as well.”

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