Lady Gaga Fans Think Chromatica Song Is About Christian Carino

Lady Gaga‘s Chromatica is finally here!

The 34-year-old singer released her highly anticipated new album on Friday. While fans buzzed about a number of songs, there was one tune in particular that seemed to spark speculation.

After hearing the track “Fun Tonight,” listeners started to wonder if the hit was about Mother Monster’s ex Christian Carino.

“You love the paparazzi, love the fame/Even though you know it causes me pain,” Gaga sang in one verse. “I feel like I’m in a prison hell/Stick my hands through the steel bars and yell/What happens now? I’m not OK/And if I scream, you walk away/When I’m sad, you just wanna play/I’ve had enough/why do I stay?”

In the chorus, she also belted out, “Yeah, I can see it in your face/You don’t think I’ve pulled my weight/Maybe it’s time for us to say goodbye ’cause/ I’m feelin’ the way that I’m feelin’ I’m feelin’ with you/I’m not havin’ fun tonight.”

It wasn’t long before people started tweeting about the track.

“‘Fun Tonight’ [is] 100% about Carino….” one social media user wrote. “How dare he make our girl feel like that.”

“Gaga can be a little cryptic with her relationship references but can we agree that ‘Fun Tonight’ is about Carino??” added another

“I love the Carino shade on ‘Fun Tonight,'” tweeted a third.

Gaga has yet to publicly confirm who the track is about.

As fans will recall, the Grammy winner and the talent agent first sparked romance rumors in 2017. Gaga confirmed their engagement in 2018. However, they broke up in 2019.

Gaga is now dating Michael Polanksy. In fact, the “Born This Way” star recently referred to him as the “love of my life.”

To hear “Fun Tonight,” check out the video above.

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