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Khloe Kardashian meant to share funny pics of her daughter True and niece Chicago eating snacks during a trip but received criticism for her lighthearted caption about dieting.

Khloe Kardashian, 35, had a joke turn bad when her followers slammed her for the caption she added to recent pics she shared on Instagram. In the snapshots, her one-year-old daughter True and her one-year-old niece Chicago can be seen looking adorable while sitting and holding water bottles and snacks, including one pic in which Chicago is opening a bag of Cheetos and True is looking into a bag of Veggie Straws. The photos are from the vacation she took to The Bahamas with sister Kim Kardashian. “Chi: I heard my mama say ‘vacation calories don’t count’ True: Don’t tell me twice Chi,” Khloe captioned the pics. See the photos Khloe posted HERE.

It didn’t take long for KoKo’s followers to give her backlash for the caption and even accuse her of teaching “diet culture” to the tots. “Are you introducing diet culture to your infant child? Don’t do that,” one comment read. “Calories and children do not need to be in the same sentence even if it’s a joke,” another wrote. “Very cute photo but uploading photos of babies eating then talking about counting calories is so weird,” a third pointed out.

Despite the major criticism, there were many followers who defended the Keeping Up with the Kardashians star. “People need to take a chill pill,” one comment read. “Obviously this is a joke. She is having fun with her kid and niece. Leave well alone. She is not promoting calorie counting for kids. Personally I think this is [too] cute because they could talk you know they would be [saying] this.”

“Yall need to chill out…its a is she introducing anything to kids who cant read or have a twitter…R-E-L-A-X in my Aaron Rodgers voice,” a second comment read.

As someone who’s in the public eye, Khloe is used to getting criticized on a regular basis but she always seems to handle it the best she can. She has yet to respond to the latest backlash, but we have a feeling she’s not going to let it bother her too much!

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