Joe Jonas Watches Gigi Hadid Model & Walk Runway At Paris Fashion Week – Hollywood Life

He certainly has a type! Joe Jonas watched his gorgeous ex Gigi Hadid model during Paris fashion week ahead of his wedding to Sophie Turner.

Joe Jonas, 29, spent some time before his wedding to Sophie Turner, 23, watching his ex-girlfriend Gigi Hadid, 23, on the runway! The Jonas Brother sat front row at the Berluti Menswear Fashion Show on June 21, where the older Hadid model sibling walked down in a matching Tiffany blue oversized vest and pants, along with a button-down top and black boots. Gigi wore a thin black belt and a minimal amount of makeup with her hair slicked back.

Joe rocked a light blue shirt with orange, blue, and black lettered detailing throughout. He wore his black hair messily in front of his face while he sat in the front. It didn’t appear awkward at all – the couple did only date for several months back in 2015. Plus, he has been happily with Sophie for years and they’re literally about to get married. We’d say they’re all pretty much over it by this point.

While Joe and Sophie legally got married on May 1 in Las Vegas, the couple is having a larger celebration with family and friends in France. The date is a big secret, but it could be any day now, since Joe, Sophie, and her mom are already in the European country and have been spotted out and about together.


It’s nice to see Joe and Gigi able to co-exist after their breakup without anything being awkward. Plus, they both were there in a professional capacity and it looked like the two kept it professional, for sure. For now, we’re looking forward to seeing pics and videos of Joe and Sophie’s next wedding celebration – hopefully Diplo, 40, will be there to share some good content for us all, yet again.

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