Jamie Lynn Spears Recalls Pregnancy at 16 & Twilight Audition

And adding to our raging nostalgia, Jamie Lynn is now focusing her attention back on Zoey 101 in time for a TBD reboot of the Nickelodeon show, which premiered in 2005.

She announced that she will release a new version of the show’s theme song, “Follow Me (Zoey 101),” which she recorded with big sister Britney Spears. The song is expected to debut on Oct. 25 at Jamie Lynn’s livestream event and cast reunion, dubbed “The Follow Me (Zoey 101) Experience – The Legacy Continues.” (Tickets are $20).

Her fresh remix will be “reminiscent of that time, but also the modern Zoey,” she said. “Who would Zoey be today? What would she sound like? This hits it right on the head, especially for where I’m going with everything. And not just for Zoey, but for me, too.”

She teased the event with a clip on social media, featuring our fave cast members Sean Flynn, Erin SandersChris Massey and Matthew Underwood, along with influencers JoJo Siwa, Dixie D’Amelio, Loren Gray, Gigi Gorgeous and more.

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