James Lafferty Gives Update on a Possible One Tree Hill Reboot

One Tree Hill 2.0? Not so fast.

OTH stars and BFFs James Lafferty and Stephen Colletti reunite for a new comedy series, Everyone Is Doing Great, which debuts on Wednesday, Jan. 13 on Hulu. But what about a full-on One Tree Hill reboot?

“It’s something that we find pretty fascinating and, kind of bizarre, like this whole, reboot kind of culture that is surrounding us now,” Lafferty, 35, told E! News exclusively. “Honestly, like what we’re more focused on right now is Everyone Is Doing Great. And the fact that like, we can play with that in the show, which is what we do.”

He continued, “We play with that theme of, the possibility of a reboot that all these characters, you know, a reboot for the show that all these characters used to be on and all these different characters, like with any TV show…they all feel differently about the prospect of doing a reboot, you know, being pulled back into the past. That’s just something that we know it’s out there and we’re really grateful for the fact that there’s still an appetite for One Tree Hill. But right now we’re kind of focused on like, mapping that onto our story to see how we can play with it.”

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