Iggy Azalea bares all in outrageous 100% naked bath time clip


TEASE: Iggy Azalea knows how to tease her fans

In 2013 she proudly sang about girls ‘giving b******s for Louboutins’ in , before regularly stripping off for X-rated music videos.

So it should come as no surprise that five years later she’s still teasing her naughty side.

In a shock-tastic video, Iggy can be seen completely naked as she relaxes in the bath.

Leaving almost nothing to the imagination, the Aussie rapper boldly moves the camera over her naked body – focusing on her most imitate regions.


FILTH: Iggy Azalea almost exposed her most intimate region online

Clutching at her assets, Iggy battled to protect her modesty as she groped at her larger than live chest.

Squeezing her boobs together, the 27-year-old sent temperatures soaring as she enjoyed a long soak.

Not stopping there, Iggy flipped the camera before hovering over her privates.

Using nothing but her limbs to protect her modesty, the blonde beauty was devilishly close to exposing every thing.

The lewd clip comes just days after Iggy uploaded a picture her nipples online.


BRAZEN: Iggy Azalea isn’t shy when it comes to her body

“Portrait of 21st Century Woman living in post nipple world”

Iggy Azalea

Posing in a sheer dress, Iggy turned up her sex appeal to 1000 as she gazed into the camera.

The image, which appears to have bene taken from a high end shoot, was shot in sultry black and white.

Keen to abide by Instagram’s nudity rules, Iggy blurred out her nipples though deliberately referenced them in the caption.

“Portrait of 21st Century Woman living in post nipple world,” she wrote, much to fans delight.

Commenting on the shot, on fan wrote: “Is there any hall of fame for your pictures? There should be.”

Another added: “Boobs blurred?

“Iggy why are you even taking such pics if you’re too scared to make it public?”

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