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Criticism of the BBC’s extensive coverage of Prince Philip’s funeral has begun to flood social media sites, particularly presenter commentary. The BBC’s six hours of funeral coverage began today at 11 am on BBC One. The first programme to be aired was The Duke: In His Own Words.

The programme consisted of one of the last interviews with Prince Philip.

The programme came to an end when BBC broadcaster took over with a live broadcast of the funeral that began at 12.30 pm.

However, viewers of the broadcast went on social media to say they had “switched to ITV” to watch the event due to Mr Edwards’ “constant inane chatter”.

Mr Edwards has faced criticism for speaking “too much” over footage of the procession ahead of the official ceremony.

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One person on Twitter wrote: “Poor coverage by the Beeb.

“Huw Edwards just kept talking throughout.

“Repetition, the same coverage as all the other programmes.

“ITV did a more sensitive and moving programme.

“Get a grip BBC.”

Another viewer said: “I switched to ITV coverage of the funeral because Huw Edwards’ constant inane chatter was driving us crackers.”

BBC present Mr Edwards’ voice broke earlier today as he reflected on Prince Philip’s funeral.

Speaking for the nation he said, “we’re all affected.”

Then Mr Edwards was unable to contain his emotions and his voice did quake amid the high emotions surrounding the event.

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