How to Dress Like a VSCO Girl This Halloween

The year 2019 has blessed us with an abundance of memes, sensational scammers, and viral celeb moments—all ripe for the picking this #SpookySzn. is here to help you win Hallowmeme with our complete guide to costumes for people who love the Internet.

What is a VSCO Girl?

Pronounced vis-co, she’s an influencer whose aesthetic aligns with the app VSCO, a photo editing and sharing tool with popular filters. This person is typically Gen-Z, overtly environmentally conscious, and favors a beach day that she can post about. They are also commonly associated with the terms, “and I oop” and “sksksk,” both expressions of extreme surprise. Plus, their pleas to “save the turtles” are often exaggerated. The Urban Dictionary compares this person to “the tumblr girls of 2019.” As noted by in August, #vscogirl videos on TikTok have been viewed over 405 million times. On Instagram, more than 1 million posts are tagged #vscogirl.

You should wear this costume if…

You’ve ever curated a beach day for the most Instagrammable photo ops (this is all of us, let’s be honest) or have ever taken a Polaroid photo in the last decade.

How to get it:

A VSCO girl’s identity is intrinsically linked to the material items she uses to express herself. So adorning your wrists with scrunchies, slipping your feet into Birkenstocks, and clutching a sticker-covered Hydro Flask are basics for anyone emulating this lifestyle. From there, you can opt for an oversized tie-dye tee or Brandy Melville tube top. Nike shorts come next, followed by accessories including a pooka shell choker, Pura Vida bracelets, and a metal straw. (Again, the turtles need saving!!) The look is at once simple, comfortable, effortless and yet somehow meticulously crafted from scrunchied head to Birkenstocked toe.

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