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’s royal wedding boasted a guest list of 3,500 people and a global television audience of 750 million – but only a handful of people knew the secret wardrobe malfunction which threatened to derail the big moment.

Diana, then just 19, was a bundle of nerves on her wedding day – especially in the moments before she walked down the aisle to Prince Charles in London’s St Paul’s Cathedral.

But while she may have looked flawless as she appeared in her famous dress, designed by David and Elizabeth Emanuel, the truth is Diana had just moments before almost ruined her entire outfit.

Seconds before walking down the aisle Diana tried to apply a final spritz of her favourite perfume, Quelques Fleurs, when disaster struck.

The lid of the perfume was loose and, as the audience in St Paul’s waited for her to appear, the bride-to-be accidentally tipped the entire bottle down the front of her dress.

Her makeup artist Barbara Daly revealed in the book ’Diana: The Portrait’ Diana said: “I’ve just put my perfume on and I’ve spilled some on the front of my dress. They’ll kill me!”

Panic ensued and Ms Daly desperately tried to clean her dress but to her shock a large stain had appeared.

Ms Daly told Diana to do the only thing she could: hold her dress by the stained area as though she were lifting it up to avoid stepping on it.

In the end it worked perfectly and disaster was averted.

Photographs taken as Diana walked down the aisle show her clutching her dress with her left hand, perfectly hiding the stain.

Ms Daly said Diana later asked her: “Do you think if I just tuck the front in they’ll never notice?”

She replied: “Yes absolutely – you and every bride in the country has done that!”

The chaos didn’t end there for Diana, who also suffered from a terrible headache all day.

And to add insult to injury, Diana then called Prince Charles by the wrong name during the wedding ceremony itself.

Instead of correctly calling her groom Charles Philip Arthur George, she called him Philip Charles Arthur George – mixing up the first two names.

Charles also slipped up, promising her “thy goods” instead of “my worldly goods”.

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