How Pregnant Carissa Culiner Really Feels About Baby Shark

There’s a reason they say it takes a village.

Hard as you may try to find it, there’s no guidebook filled with the answers to all your parenting questions: What should they be eating? Are they getting too much screen time? Am I even doing this right? (Spoiler: You are.) So, we’re here to help. We’ve asked your favorite celebrity moms for their tips, tricks and hacks that are guaranteed to get you through every meltdown and milestone.

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There’s no denying that Carissa Culiner is juggling a lot right now.

Not only has the pregnant Daily Pop co-host been working right up until her due date, but she has also been busy being mom and teacher to her son, Chase (2). According to the TV personality, she and husband Shanon Culiner have kept their first born busy with “a lot of reading,” “a lot of coloring” and “a lot of singing.” Yet, as the E! personality revealed exclusively to E! News, having mom and dad home 24/7 has had an impact on Chase’s attention span.

“He’s definitely a very busy little boy. He gets really excited to do things, but his attention span of how long he wants to play with a particular toy or do a particular activity is about 5 to 10 minutes,” Carissa explained. “But, he’s gotten better actually. It seems like at the beginning, because he’s just so not used to being home all day everyday with us, it was worse. Now, he will actually do activities for a little bit longer periods because he’s realizing I guess this is the routine for the day.”

We can’t imagine it’s easy juggling the demands of a two-year-old, as well as the ones for your job. Thankfully, Carissa shared her advice on she’s getting through this trying time.

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Fight to Stay Positive

As Carissa noted in the video above, a pandemic is “not the ideal time to be having a child.” Thus, it’s easy to feel anxious or worried, feelings pregnant Carissa admitted to struggling with.

“It’s been a very scary road, lots of ups and downs to be quite honest,” the red carpet maven noted. Unfortunately, Carissa did get very sick amid this health crisis, but not with COVID-19.

“I just had a terrible cold, we did get tested,” she added.

Despite her stress, Carissa still encouraged moms and moms-to-be to try and stay positive. “For the most part, I’m trying really hard to stay positive,” Carissa shared. “There are days when the worry consumes me…it’s just the uncontrollable circumstances, which really I shouldn’t worry about because there’s nothing I can do about it.”

Make an Activity Out of Everything

Since Chase can’t go outside and play with friends, Carissa explained that she’s made “everything a game” these days.

“We’ve played with every toy that he has, cardboard boxes become coloring pads, he loves to help me cook! So, he has been a part of making breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, desserts, everything,” she rattled off in the footage above. “Anything we can do to entertain him and make an activity we do.”

Apparently, Chase also loves to help clean, despite not being “the best cleaner.”

Screen Time Is Ok!

Even if that means hearing “Baby Shark” for the millionth time.

Although the hit children’s song is the stuff of nightmares for most parents, it may be your saving grace during this pandemic. With Carissa and Shanon both busy with work while self-isolating, the famed entertainment journalist admitted that Chase’s screen time has increased.

“To be honest, he’s getting more screen time now than he ever has, being quite frank because I am still working. My husband still has stuff he needs to do,” Carissa relayed. “Also, you know, we just can’t give him undivided attention all the time. We need to rest and that’s what really just sucks him in and can keep him there for a while.”

Even though Carissa has downloaded a plethora of educational apps for Chase, the youngster always manages to find his way to the YouTube app. Why? To play “Baby Shark,” of course!

“I hate that song so much. He literally sings that song all day every day. If we’re talking about monkeys jumping on the bed, he’ll start singing ‘baby monkey.’ Everything turns into ‘Baby Shark,'” she quipped.

Mix Up the Routine

A routine definitely helps during this time. However, know it’s ok to mix up your day if you don’t have the energy to do certain things.

Carissa made this very point during her Moms in the Moment chat!

“I’m not a very routine person and we never have been, so every day is different. We do things in different orders,” she dished. “We usually do all the normal things, but what order we do them in is different every day. And that’s ok with us.”

In fact, Carissa said she won’t “make myself do something if I’m not feeling it,” a mindset we can get behind.

“I would say if a routine works for you, then 100% do that! And if you don’t have a clue how to pick one, so many moms are posting theirs, so just google one and go off that,” she continued. “But if not, also just realize that this is just a weird time. Recognize that this is not real life. This is not how it would normally be.”

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Be Kind to Yourself

With everything going on, Carissa’s final message to readers was a reminder to be kind yourself. Obviously, no one could’ve predicted this situation and so, moms shouldn’t beat themselves up for not being perfect.

“I’m thinking of all you mamas, I know we have a lot more challenges that are happening for us right now than we ever expected,” she concluded. “But, I say, give yourself grace. Know that this isn’t normal, this is temporary and everyone’s doing the best they can. And that’s all you can do!”

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