How Must-Know Black Designers and Stylists Would Dress Dream Clients

Elly Karamoh, stylist to Tyler Perry and Steve Harvey, had another famous man in mind to style in a dream scenario. “I would love to have the opportunity to style someone like Drake one day,” he told E! News. “Give him a taste of sophistication—not that he doesn’t have it, but I feel as big as his platform is and what he’s done with his career and he’s such a chameleon with his sound, I think that if I was given the opportunity to apply that versatility to his style and bring some class and elegance to it, I think it would be massive. Just global. I think it would be so grand— just to see Drake in beautiful timeless tuxedos and suits and even sportswear, but like, have some timeless touch to it with less fad and fast fashion and urban pieces.”

The stylist also had an idea of which brand he would want to include in this imaginary collaboration: Bottega Veneta by Daniel Lee. “It’s such a modern and sophisticated brand,” Karamoh said. “I just love the boundaries that Bottega has pushed for menswear and I think it would be really fun and eclectic for Drake to wear because it’s fun, it’s modern, it’s youthful, but it’s still very masculine and…it has this muted language that speaks to a global audience. To me, he serves the purpose of being a global artist. I think that brand, to me, would fit really well for him.”

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