‘High Maintenance’: HBO Releases Season 4 Trailer (Exclusive)

This season, Ira Glass — alongside his team at NPR’s “This American Life” — guest stars as himself.

In this IndieWire exclusive, HBO has released the Season 4 trailer for its cannabis-based comedy-drama series “High Maintenance.” As the trailer promises, “The Guy is back to keep spirits high.”

The trailer (which you can watch below) also promises that this season will get you into a particular groove, if the 1981 Dave Raynor jam “Leave Me Alone Tonight” that plays throughout as Ben Sinclair’s The Guy travels all around New York City to deliver colorful characters their weed. And he does so with a bike —having said farewell to the RV from Season 3 — and a canine companion riding sidecar.

Also set to get you into the groove of this season is Ira Glass, who — alongside his team at NPR’s “This American Life” — guest stars as himself. In addition to Glass, this season of “High Maintenance” will see new guest stars in the form of Nick Kroll, Rebecca Hall, Larry Owens, and Calvin Leon Smith. There will also be returning guest stars, such as Crystal Monee Hall, Heléne Yorke, Ken Leung, Julianna Luna Vasquez, Avery Monsen, Rob Morgan, Max Jenkins, Chris Roberti, Becca Blackwell, Chris McKinney, and Birgit Huppuch.

As HBO describes the season: “With a new friend by his side, The Guy drops in on a variety of customers whose disparate lives, jobs, identities and circumstances reveal the human connection that we all seek. Playing out over the course of a year, this season focuses on cycles of renewal, webs of human connections, and putting down roots in the ever-changing ecosystem of New York City.”

One thing remains the same though: People really want their weed, and The Guy is back to keep their spirits high.

In a interview with IndieWire during Season 3, creator Katja Blichfield spoke of her own high expectations for the show.

“We’re never satisfied,” Blichfield said. “Even when we were doing it ‘for fun,’ we would still watch our work and see missed opportunities — things that maybe fell short. […] Come on. There’s such a difference between something that’s inspired and creativity on demand, like when you have 10 episodes and [you’ve got to make them.] I think it’s rare those things can be of equal excitement and produce the same result.”

“High Maintenance” Season 4 premieres on Friday, February 7 at 11 p.m. ET.

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