Happy Birthday Anna Faris! Celebrate the Comedic Actress’ Birthday By Voting on Her Top LOL-Worthy Roles

Anna Faris, The House Bunny

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Grab your Playboy bunny ears, because everyone’s favorite bunny turned sorority house mom is turning 42 years old!

Yes, Anna Faris who played the adorable Shelley Darlingson in the comedy The House Bunny is 42 years old today, which doesn’t seem right. Have you seen Faris lately? The woman has not aged a bit and she definitely doesn’t look like she’s in her 40s, but alas, she is and therefore it’s time to celebrate.

Throughout her career the Anna Faris Is Unqualified podcast host has won fans over with her variety of characters on screen and her charming personality off screen. That’s why we’ve rounded up the Maryland native’s best and most iconic roles of all time to pay tribute to Faris and all that she’s done so far in her career.

Whether you fell in love with her in The House Bunny or couldn’t help but laugh at her character in Just Friends, Faris has a way of making everyone in the audience feel like they are her best friend, which we love.

Some fans have been on the funny gal‘s party train since her Scary Movie days—she was in four different Scary Movie films—while others became hooked on her comedic skills after she guest starred on Friends back in 2004.

Many remember her romantic comedy stretch with films like What’s Your Number? and Mama’s Boy, too. No matter how you discovered the actress it’s safe to say that once you see Faris act you’ll never stop rooting for her.

Even as a recovering alcoholic and single mom on Mom she’s lovable.  In this comedy, her character isn’t always nice or kind and she often messes up yet, we love her just the same. 

Check out all of Faris’ big roles below and then vote for the one you’ll never forget.

Happy birthday, Anna! You might be unqualified to give life advice, but you are totally overqualified at being a memorable actress.

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Anna Faris’ first big role was landing the part of Cindy in the Scary Movie franchise. The first horror movie parody follows a group of teenagers, including Cindy, who after accidentally hitting a man while driving decide to dispose of the body and are then stalked by a serial killer. Cindy must survive the many horror film situations she’s seen happen before, but bloodshed is guaranteed. 

Anna Faris, Scary Movie 2

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Faris reprises her role as Cindy for the 2001 sequel of Scary Movie. This time around Cindy and her friends are tricked by a professor to spend a night in Hell House for what they think is a school project. Things go south fast and the teens must work together to escape the horrors found in this haunted residence.

Anna Faris, The Hot Chick

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The Maryland native plays April, BFF to Jessica (Rachel McAdams), a popular teen who wakes up as a man (Rob Schneider) after being cursed for her mean-girl ways. Together the two best friends must find a way to get Jessica back into her original body before the transformation becomes permanent.

Anna Faris, Scary Movie 3

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In Scary Movie 3, Cindy is now a news reporter, who must try to prevent her own death after seeing a killer video that promises that after watching it you only have seven days left to live. As she deals with one life-threatening killer, she must also try and solve the case of the mysterious crop circles popping up in town. The movie also stars Regina Hall, Pamela Anderson and more stars.

Anna Faris, Friends

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In 2004, Faris had a recurring role as Erica, the birth mom to Chandler (Matthew Perry) and Monica’s (Courteney Cox) twins on Friends and she was so stinking cute.

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Chris Brander (Ryan Reynolds) leaves his hometown after high school and becomes a big music manager in Los Angeles, but finds himself back at home when his jet to Paris, which he was taking with his newest client Samantha James (Faris), catches fire and is forced to land. The good news is he can see his old best friend, and longtime crush, Jamie Palamino (Amy Smart). The bad news is that she still wants to be “just friends.”

Anna Faris, Scary Movie 4

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In 2006, Faris played Cindy one last time when the fourth installment of the Scary Movie franchise premiered. After finding herself unemployed Cindy takes a job house sitting a residence that is haunted by a little boy. She tries to find out who killed him and why, but she is a little distracted at times by the fact that aliens seems to be invading the world and only she can stop them!

Anna Faris, Mama's Boy

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When his slacker lifestyle is threatened by his mom’s new romance, Jefferey Mannus (Jon Heder) enlists the help of an aspiring singer-songwriter named Nora (Faris) to help him fight the system. As the two grow closer, Jeffrey learns that maybe he can handle being an adult and successfully move out of his mom’s house.

Anna Faris, The House Bunny

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Playboy bunny Shelley (Faris) gets kicked out of the mansion and must find a job and somewhere to live. She ends up becoming the house mom of a sorority full of misfit girls and uses her confidence with men to help the ladies grow and become better people. Meanwhile, the girls teach her about education and in the process they form a life-long bond.

Anna Faris, Chris Pratt, Take Me Home Tonight

Relativity Media

After graduating college and going to work at a video store, Matt Franklin (Topher Grace) decides to take his shot with his high school crush at his sister’s (Faris) boyfriend’s big Labor Day party, but the wild night doesn’t exactly go as planned.

Anna Faris, What's Your Number?

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Unable to find true love, Ally (Faris) decides to look up her slew of ex-boyfriends to see if any of them are now suitable enough to be her man once again. She gets help from her womanizer neighbor Colin (Chris Evans) to track down all of the exes, some of which are played by Andy Samberg, Joel McHale and her then-husband Chris Pratt.

MOM, Anna Faris, Allison Janney

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Beginning in 2013, Faris has been playing Christy on the CBS comedy Mom. Christy is a newly sober single mom trying to stay sober and get her life together while mending her relationship with her alcoholic mother Bonney (Allison Janney). 

Anna Faris, Eugenio Derbez, Overboard


In 2018, Faris teamed up with Eugenio Derbez to do a reboot and role reversal of the 1987 film by the same name. In this film, Faris plays Kate Sullivan, a mistreated employee who takes out her revenge on Leonardo Montenegro (Derbez) after he falls off his yacht and doesn’t remember who he is and where he comes from. She makes him the worker of her family, has him make lunches, do construction and more as she reaps the benefits of his amnesia.

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