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A source told HollywoodLife that ‘Bachelorette’ star Hannah Brown misses Tyler Cameron after she left the ‘quarantine crew’ to join her family in Alabama.

Hannah Brown, 25, and Tyler Cameron seemed to reignite the chemistry that they shared on The Bachelorette when she spent time with him and his pals in south Florida in March. Although Hannah has since confirmed she is indeed single, a source close to the pair revealed Hannah is “missing” her ex. “Hannah still talks to Tyler and the rest of the quarantine crew all the time, the connection is still very strong,” the source dished to HollywoodLife exclusively. “Right now she’s got no plans to go back but she does miss them all so that could change. For now she’s staying with her family but she has an open invite from Tyler and everyone at the house to come back anytime.”

Hannah left the crew in Florida to ride out the quarantine in Alabama with her family, however Tyler and his pals were “bummed” when she left. “She’s such a ray of sunshine they definitely miss having her around, they were bummed she left,” the source continued. “She is staying connected to them, she’s been doing virtual workouts with them and doing video chats all the time. It’s not the same but she’s for sure still a part of the group.”

Another source also told HL that Hannah was still attracted to Tyler. “Hannah is a family first kind of girl and so much of the quarantine has really been playing with her mind that she doesn’t know if she would be a good person to date right now,” the source told us. “When it comes to Tyler, there is an attraction but they are both going through their own things right now especially with him and the loss of his mother that if they are going to actually become anything more than friends it is something that can be approached in due time.”

hannah tyler
Hannah Brown is ‘missing’ Tyler Cameron. Image: ABC

Nevertheless, the source added that “timing” for the couple wasn’t great right now. “Sometimes timing isn’t right to pursue attractions of the heart and it’s better to be friends,” they said. “They are fine with that because they have some other important life things to deal with. The fun will return but it’s now time for both of them to deal with themselves then dealing with being together.”

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