Dr. Oz Helps Save Man Who Collapsed at Newark Airport

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It’s Dr. Mehmet Oz to the rescue!

The 60-year-old physician and TV star jumped into action after a man collapsed at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey on March 1.

According to Port Authority Police Department spokeswoman Lenis Valens, it was about 11:07 p.m. when Officer Jeffrey Croissant was on patrol and witnessed a man fall to the floor in the baggage claim area of Terminal A. Per Valens, Croissant rushed over and found the man wasn’t breathing and didn’t have a pulse. So, the officer called for backup and began performing CPR.

It was around this time that Oz and his family were coming off of the same flight. As The Dr. Oz Show host told TMZ, he was heading toward the carousel when his daughter yelled out, “Daddy! Daddy! Come quick.”

Oz and Croissant worked together to perform CPR and clear the man’s airways. Backup arrived minutes later. According to Valens, Officers Michael Bock, Matthew Vecchione and Daniel Olbrich administered oxygen and deployed a defibrillator on the man.

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