Cute Cameos, a Funny Feud & More Celeb Game Face’s Top Moments

The latest Celebrity Game Face was one for the books!

As part of Tuesday, Dec. 15’s episode of the E! series, host and executive producer Kevin Hart led celebrity pairs—Justin Long and his brother Christian Long, Mario Lopez and his wife Courtney Lopez, and longtime friends Taran Killam and Ronnie Kimble—in a series of hilarious games, promising the winning team money for the charity of their choice, as well as the giant, gold baby that serves as the Hart of a Champion trophy. 

These games, as Kevin explained, can be described as “outrageous challenges designed to test the mind, body and soul.” We’re talking “Booty Shake,” “Show Your Junk,” and “Sticky Candy,” the latter of which just launched on the new episode.

The first-time challenge, along with the many adorable cameos from Mario’s kids and the hilarious banter between Taran and Kevin, made for a perfect, fun-filled hour. Find out what else you missed by checking out all of the best Celebrity Game Face moments below!

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