Cheap Round Wall Mirror Review

I’ve resigned myself to a life of affordable goods, but that doesn’t mean a constant compromise in personal style, or in this week’s case, home style. Welcome to On the Cheap, my weekly pick of affordable items that are actually worth it—and look far more expensive than they actually are.

As I age, I’ve proudly pulled away from an Ikea-only home. While I still eat dinner at an Ingo table and buy white Dvala fitted sheets in bulk—flat sheets have an ungodly existence and add no value to your life or bedroom, but that’s another post—I now scour for Craigslist deals on Danish teak and decorate with textiles I never fail to mention I bought on overseas. That being said, I have yet to graduate to full-priced, store-bought furnishings. And I’m not even talking about Design Within Reach or dropping dough on Eames. And yes, West Elm and CB2, the land of beautiful, expensive mirrors, are still beyond my reach.

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But Round mirrors, they’re so hot right now! They are the wall-mounted equivalent to their grounded big sister, the chic leaning mirror, except they don’t take up valuable real estate in my tiny apartment. They’re all over my feed, but for some reason, these circular pieces of glass come at a hefty price. CB2’s covetable mirrors cost a cool $300 minimum—but my reflection isn’t worth that much. Target knows this, and they came through with an equally chic version in my budget.

Project 62 Round Decorative Mirror, $47.50; SHOP NOW


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The brass frame is just begging to be selfie’d—accented by a super-chill split leaf philodendron, obvs. (And yes, the philodendron is the “yes, I live in a potentially problematic, gentrified neighborhood in a metropolitan city” of house plants.) A round mirror ties a room together better than your fake Persian rug. Prop it over your mid-century buffet in your living room, hang it over your bed for funsies, or replace your bathroom vanity to match your gold faucet (which I am unsure exists outside of Anthropologie catalogues). Oh, and it’s on sale.

I doubt I’ll ever reach peak mirror life (Ettore Sottsass’ are a Pinterest’s wet dream), but this steal makes my house a home.

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