Cardi B Has the Best Response to Haters Who Criticize Her Looks

Cardi B is giving a reality check to her haters and internet trolls.

During an interview with Apple Music’s Zane Lowe, the “W.A.P.” rapper shared her thoughts about being judged on social media because of her looks.

“I’ve always been a bitch that made money off my looks, you know what I’m saying?” the Grammy winner pointed out. “Before I was a rapper, or a celebrity, or an Instagram sensation, I was a stripper. I was one of those strippers that every f–king celeb, all the celebs, all these bitches’ favorite rappers—[they] used to request me on their sessions. They used to spend thousands and thousands of dollars. Why they spending money on you if you ugly?”

Cardi, who recently dropped her latest single “Up,” noted that she uses her own music to give herself a confidence boost. “When I do music, I be f–king gassing myself up,” the 28-year-old revealed. “It’s like, ‘Nah, because these bitches they wanna call me ugly, but they man they want to f–k me though. Write that down.’ I swear to god. I feel like people got to be with me on my sessions.”

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