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Camila Cabello looked smitten while watching Shawn Mendes perform at his concert in Brooklyn, NY on Aug. 23 and he took a moment to dedicate his song ‘Fallin’ All in You’ to her.

Camila Cabello, 22, was the lady of Shawn Mendes‘ eye during his concert in Brooklyn, NY on Aug. 23! The 21-year-old hunky singer took a moment to give her a sweet shoutout before singing his swoon-worthy song “Fallin’ All in You” and from the look on her face throughout the show, she’s definitely in love. “Camila came out a little more than halfway through Shawn’s concert at the back of the floor on a raised platform,” an eyewitness told Us Weekly. “When Shawn introduced his song ‘Fallin’ All in You,’ he ended with, ‘This one is for my Mami!’ and he pointed to Camila.”

Videos of Camila watching her rumored beau were posted by numerous fans on Twitter and from expressing her excitement by jumping up and down to lovingly looking at him with romance in her eyes, her feelings were quite apparent. “She was with a male friend throwing her hands up in the air when he started playing,” the eyewitness continued. “She was wearing one of his bracelets that was glowing as she was dancing. Halfway through the song, she got down on her knees and was looking lovingly at the stage and stayed there until the end when she jumped up and down and screamed and pointed. He was looking directly at her.”

Camila and Shawn’s latest PDA at his show is just one of many times they’ve expressed their romantic feelings for each other. The lovebirds, who have yet to officially confirm a relationship between them, have been spotted cuddling and kissing in various public places all summer. Their latest PDA-filled appearance happened during a visit to Montreal, where they made out in a cafe.

Shawn and Camila’s romance has left fans awwing every chance they get! Their next scheduled professional public appearance together will be at the MTV Video Music Awards on Aug. 26.

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