Brie & Nikki Bella Give Birth on Total Bellas!

“This right now is really rough,” Nikki reflected. “Contractions are so painful and they’re very, very far apart. So, because of how I’m laboring, every hour they keep turning me on my side.”

Amid tending to Nikki, Artem noted how the mom-to-be was “shaking so bad.”

Eighteen hours into Nikki’s labor, Brie hadn’t received an update and found herself worrying about her sister.

She commented to husband Daniel Bryan (born Bryan Danielson), “Oh gosh! I just hope she doesn’t end up like how I was.”

Back in the delivery room, Nikki was going through “the hardest workout, anything [she’s] ever put [her] body through in [her] entire life.”

Still, two hours into pushing, Matteo still hadn’t made his arrival yet. Thus, her doctor said she had two more sets before they needed to do a C-section.

“I’m feeling really scared,” Nikki noted. “There’s no way that I’ve gone through all of this and I’m gonna have a C-section. At my age, to my body through that stress, puts the baby through stress.”

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