Bow Wow Defends Lil Tay Over Poser IG Videos

Bow Wow

Give Lil Tay a Pass on Fake Ass Vids …

9-Yr-Olds Gotta Eat Too!!

5/18/2018 1:35 PM PDT


Lil Tay getting busted for frontin’ about her cars and her money is simply her take on the infamous Bow Wow Challenge … according to BW, himself.

We got Bow Wow Friday in Marietta, GA — where he’s shooting a music video — and got his take on the foul-mouthed 9-year-old rapper who was recently exposed as a social media fraud. Her red sports car really belongs to her realtor mom’s ex-boss, and all the fancy cribs are just homes her mom was showing.

Bow Wow says don’t knock Tay’s hustle ’cause she’s just doing her j-o-b … which is to entertain her 2 million followers. In fact, sounds like he has a project in mind for her.

Lil advice for Lil Tay, this could be an actual paying gig — unlike talking trash on Danielle Bregoli. Although that’s also pretty damn entertaining.

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