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He’s down 43 lbs, & DJ Khaled has never looked better! Find out how the hit-maker shed some major weight, & see his new transformation here!

Can we get a slow clap? DJ Khaled, 43, the man behind so many of our favorite hit songs, is embarking on a new healthy lifestyle! The A-list record producer debuted a dramatic weight loss via his Instagram on Feb. 21, and the photos will make your jaw drop. Via an inspirational video, the musician shared his excitement with fans, and showed off the weight loss, 43 pounds in total, with a set of before and after pics. Khaled looked so slim next to his former self! See the video and his side-by-side comparison below!

We know what you’re thinking: How did Khaled do it? The producer credits Weight Watchers for helping him slim down. He became an ambassador for the brand in January of 2018, setting a strict goal weight of 250 lbs. Plus, the star revealed how he changed his lifestyle to People, which aided the process along. “When I recommitted I was being honest with myself because I was on the road so much touring that it was difficult for me, with the hours I was up and the different cities I was traveling to and not having access to the foods that I wanted to eat,” he said. “I would eat a bag of chips because it was there. No excuses there. But I’m actually happy about it because it taught me to maneuver now when I go on the road or working.”

The musician went on to dish even more details of his daily diet. “During the day I eat foods that are low in points, and then for dinner, if I know I have a dinner meeting I save up my points so I can enjoy everything that I want to eat. And once I started that system, it became a lifestyle for me,” he says. “Some days I eat a cheeseburger, some days I eat chicken stew. Somedays I eat salad, and on New Year’s Day I ate fried chicken. But I’m still within my points system,” he adds.

This definitely isn’t the end of the road for Khaled’s weight loss journey! “The answer is to continue to be great,” he went on to say in the interview. “And I’m never stopping…so, I want to continue. WW has taught me how to have a lifestyle to be healthy.”

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